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03:10pm 03/02/2006

03:23pm 19/01/2006
03:52pm 02/02/2005
  Great show guys!
I was impressed with everyone's performance.
Did anyone take pictures?
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03:36pm 11/11/2004
mood: busy
Yes, kids, we have a theater show.
Last Saturday of January, but we need to start planning, NOW.
We need to do casting in the next week or so, and work on fixing and redoing costumes as well as ADVERTISING! This needs to be good.
I will call a meeting very soon.
03:14pm 17/10/2004
  the problem here is teaser's can't keep commitments.

pure antimatter is once again no longer performing at teaser's cafe, we apologize to the audience we had to turn away after finding out the owner didn't feel like opening the bar.

we're looking for someplace reliable and worthwhile.
have a nice day
back with a motherfucking vengeance 
04:53pm 15/09/2004
  back with a motherfucking vengeance

If you are in the region and don't show up then you count less than most people.
that's this thursday at midnight. show up and get really drunk, then you'll be a great audience.

we win.
03:11am 14/09/2004
mood: cranky
rocky meeting.
tuesday, september 14, 2004.
9:30 pm
mellow mushroom.
be there.
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11:29pm 01/08/2004
  hey guys.
I regret to inform everyone that Pure Anti-Matter is no longer performing every thursday night at Teaser's cafe. Hopefully, we will find a new venue very soon, but until then, we are a semi-homeless cast.
If anyone has any suggestions for venues in and around the Savannah area, please, let us know.
I will keep everyone posted as to what is going on.
To the Cast members: We will be having weekly meetings. The next one is Sunday night at 8:00 at the gazebo on the west side of city market (near AT Hun).
Thank You
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08:52pm 27/07/2004
  I've only heard tale about it, what with me having been in new york and all.

but for all of you that are on this list of friends/members who attempted to attend rocky at teasers cafe on this past thursday
(this is crossposted or will be to pure_antimatter and teasers_cafe and to the yahoo group)

I would like to formally apologize for the lack of organization and ultimately consideration for the audience that occured, eventually ending up in the cancellation of the show

that having been said, the show WILL go on this thursday, it's non-negotiable.
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02:29am 14/07/2004
  I just had to post this here...
Meet the japanes Frankenfurter-David bowie-Gackt(j-rocker) love child.

This shouldn't surprise any of you. 
02:56am 26/06/2004
  I can't perform with P.A.M. anymore, I've felt awkward there for a long time. Right now I have other things to deal with, and I haven't been a productive member for the past year. I'm sorry, Adriana and Barry, I've been with P.A.M. since the begining, but I can't do this. Maybe when P.A.M. get a new place to perform later this year, I can give be there for you.

I still offer my costuming services but nothing more than that.


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11:39pm 02/06/2004
Your local rocky cast needs a Magenta and a rocky for tomorrow evening.
due to vacations and such we have turned out shorthanded.
please email me or IM me if you can fill either of those positions.

or call

Ok guys... 
03:19am 24/05/2004
  meeting is going to be at someplace else this week. i'm thinking vinnie's. around 8.
i've got tentative casting in my head done...but i need confirmation from everyone.
if you can't come, CALL ME! you all have my number, and if you don't...you can get it, dammit.
09:58pm 22/05/2004
pureantimatter is radioactive. Wear protective clothing at all times.


From Go-Quiz.com
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07:13pm 22/05/2004
  Is there Rocky this coming thursday (May 28th)? I'd like to play Columbia before I leave back to home. I finnaly colored my hair nekochanlive. And I haven't played in long time. ^_^  
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02:43pm 19/05/2004
  need a brad this week.
anybody wish to volunteer?
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no summer season for me 
08:37am 19/05/2004
mood: indifferent
Apparently my dad aint out of the woods yet. He had to go back into the hospital the day before I was supposed to go back to Georgia. He went in on the 15th. But he is supposed to be released today and after a bit of home med something, he is going to need me for a few weeks/months(?)I will probably be back for the fall season, but when exactly I don't know.

BTW I think I remember a few of y'all saying you were from the Norfolk area. Naro's next show is on the 28th. Those who do I will probably see there.

See the rest of you whenever

11:47pm 17/05/2004
  ok, so for the meeting tuesday im thinking of bringing chips or donuts or something.
i know finals suck ass, so it'll be pretty short.
any requests on food?
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rocky horror this summer? 
01:33pm 12/05/2004
  I realise that SCAD has a small summer session, but we're going to try to keep rocky going all summer. I feel we have a good cast...and even though most of you all are leaving for the summer, we should be able to keep the "rocky ball" rolling...and that would be much easier than trying to start it up again.
also casting for this week may change, if possible...Sara, Lauren...can you guys switch? Lauren into Janet and Sara into Mags? I've got a friend of a friend coming to film this week and shes doing her project on "my character" so she put it. and i'm thinking she expects me to play as Frank. I know my corset's not done, and i really kind of wanted to pull a Janet this week...but...yeh.
you all have my #?
because if ya don't, you should.
i think we need a contact list. *nod*
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Von Helsing and other things 
11:11am 07/05/2004
mood: stressed
If you haven't done so read the MSNBC review of this movie. It seems when Hugh Jackman gets to the little Transylvanian town, It reminded the critic of when Brad and Janet met the trannies in Rocky. To quote "All that was missing was Tim Curry singing Sweet Transvestite." Anyhow going to see it today, maybe I will get nostalgic about it.

For those who have been wondering where I have been I am in Va. Beach taking care of my dad. He had bypass surgery on his legs Tuesday. He should be out of the hospital Saturday. He is doing fine, but I will be playing nursemaid for the next week or so.
I understand that the last show of this Rocky season is on the 20th. I will try my best to be down there for it, but right now everything is up in the air. Hell I don't know if I am going to get my truck registered in time before the tag expires.
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